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    Dilated Peoples - Good As Gone (Official Video)

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    The brand new album from Dilated Peoples, Directors of Photography is due out 8.12.14 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. 

    Song produced by: DJ Premier @RealDjPremier

    Director: Andrew Melby and Evidence
    Producer: Tristan Eaton and Evidence
    DP: Andrew Melby
    1st AD: Joe Dressel
    Edited by: Andrew Melby 
    SFX: Joe Dressel
    Color: Victor Rukavina and Joe Dressel
    Special Thanks: Shane Jessup & Kodak Smith

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    Video Games: The Movie (Official Trailer!)

    Pre-order the film today at!Available on iTunes, on demand, or at the official website July 15th, 2014 - the same day it’s in theaters! 

    Narrated by Sean Astin and featuring interviews with: 
    Chris Hardwick • Nolan Bushnell • Alison Haislip • Hideo Kojima • Wil Wheaton • Cliff Bleszinski (CliffyB) • Hiroyoki Kobayashi • Warren Spector… and MANY more!

    From executive producer Zach Braff and CliffyB comes an epic feature length documentary chronicling the meteoric rise of video games from nerd niche to multi-billion dollar industry. Featuring in-depth interviews with the godfathers who started it all, the icons of game design, and the geek gurus who are leading us into the future, VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE is a celebration of gaming from Atari to Xbox, and an eye-opening look at what lies ahead.

    Order the film in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Demark, and all of Latin America on July 15th! Some versions dubbed, some subtitled. Check website for details.

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    Jacob Burge

    Private Thoughts


    Modern life which for many of us can be a daily assault on our senses. 
    We grow accustomed to the noises, sights and smells, becoming passive to the billboards and 
    de tuned to stranger’s conversations. Sometimes it’s because of the all too familiar; the daily rituals we all observe and repetitive tasks that our memory simply doesn’t need to preserve another record of performing. Sometimes it’s to escape. It’s these moments of 
    contemplation I have chosen to document: 
    Private thoughts in public places

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    The Freshest Live Set 6.0 feat. Kutcorners & Marvel

    Samples, Drums, Synths - Kutcorners
    Vocals, Cuts, Samples, Synths - Marvel
    Filming & Editing - Studio Lindow

    Filmed in Vancouver BC @ Wings & Horns -

    The Freshest - Buggin (Kutcorners & Marvel Canadian Club Edit)

    Kutcorners & Marvel interview on Okay Future -

    Live Set 1.0 -
    Live Set 2.0 -
    Live Set 3.0 -
    Live Set 4.0 -
    Live Set 5.0 -

    Booking -

    * * *


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    Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow |
    ◈ Watch all of our Boiler Room sets from @BeatsbyESTA, @mr_carmack, @joekay, & @thewhooligan here:

    Shouts to Boiler Room for having us in London. We’ve been waiting for this one for years. In fact… the significance of us being based in L.A. and playing our first BR (not in L.A.) but in London where it all started is so inspiring. It makes more sense though.

    Big ups to all of our people who were there with us in London — the crowd was amazing and made this Boiler Room amount up to all of the hype! We’ll be back.

    Much love to you and keep doing what you love.

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    Guest Artist Series: Stussy x Sorayama

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